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Reinbachwaterfalls Sand in Taufers/ Campo Tures

The Taufer Knight’s trail puts you back into the time of the knights.
It leads from the Toblschlucht ravine to Taufers Castle, passing 3 waterfalls. Starting from Sand in Taufers, it follows an easterly direction over the bridge to St. Moritzen. Immediately after that it goes to the right-hand side of Hotel Alte Mühle. Following the logging road you will reach the car park for the Reinbach Waterfalls (855 m). Now you enter the forest and follow path no. 2 until the first Reinbach waterfall, then to the second and third waterfalls. The high bridge at the third waterfall will take you to Toblhof (1,054 m). After an enjoyable stop, cross the logging road and follow path number 2A, slightly downhill, to the Pircherhöfe. Further down on the left-hand side, through the forest, you will reach a cross-route allowing you to descend to St. Moritzen. Here turn off at the right (no. 2A) and walk to Taufers Castle. You will have a panoramic view of the floor of the Taufer Valley. And then go over a steep track past the Schlosskreuzkapelle (cross chapel) to Sand in Taufers.

Drive: from Bruneck to Sand in Taufers
Departure: Sand in Taufers, 862 m
Route: Sand in Taufers - Reinbach waterfalls - Sand in Taufers
High difference. 238 m
Highest point. 1100 m
Walking time 3 h
Difficulty: easy