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Zirm = the south tyrolean word for pinewood

Pine - The queen of well-beeing:

Even our grandpartents knew about the calming effects of the pine plant.
For this reason the most heated debates were held in room furnished with pine wood and children who were placed in cradles made of pinewood, cried less often. Which effects does the pinewood have to the people?


Many studies have been performed. The results are:

  • People who slept in beds made of pinewood, felt mote energetic and rested the morning after
  • People who slept in beds made of pinewood coult save of about 3500 heartbeats at day
  • Pinewood is antibacterial
  • Pinewood is also offerd in form of oils, soaps and cushion filligns, because the ingredients are very effective

In our Berghotel Zirm we used pine wood in hotel rooms, restaurants, spa and other rooms. Anyone who wants to experience the effect of the pine wood is expected by the ambience of Zirm.

Many years ago we chosed the name "Zirm-pine" for our mountain hotel, because the pine tree is growing starting at a high of 1400 meters and at this altitude is situated our house. The nuts into the pines are the symbol of enjoying life. We use this plant for rare delicasy and treatements in our spa.