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Cosmetics in the Berghotel Zirm

You have to start young in order to learn well, and so every woman makes the first make-up experiments as a child. According to the motto "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?"
So has started also our cosmetics lady, and the e girl's dream changed into a career. You will be pampered with specialized knowledge and the right feeling for your specific needs. 


The closeness to nature in the Berghotel Zirm is also reflected in the philosophy of our natural cosmetic line Styx: Return to the herb garden.

The essence of the success of STYX NATURAL COSMETIC is a mixture of highest quality, natural resources, traditional knowledge, innovative ideas and careful development and processing at the highest level of quality with the most modern technologies and without animal testing. Consciousness and values in terms of nature, and the well-being are essential - something that is very personal and that goes under your skin.