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Cross Country Skiing in South Tyrol

Glide through a snowy winter landscape on the dry snow. Harmonious movements supported by uniform ski-stick movements and well-dosed even breathe. Cross-country-skiing is not only one of the healthiest but also one of the nicest ways to enjoy the winter in South Tyrol.
Heart and circulation are trained and, compared to most other winter sports, here are also claimed many muscle groups. Whether classic or skating, whether professional or amateur athletes, South Tyrol offers perfect conditions for cross country skiers.

lupe Langlaufen

Olang/Valdaora offers a constantly well prepared slope. The circular loop is located in the middle of the snowy fields of Olang and is about 5 km long.
If this is not enough, you have the opportunity to go to Antholz/Anterselva. You can see the Antholz valley from the balcony of the Berghotel Zirm. The world cup of Biathlon and other championships were and are hold in Antholz, and therefore it’s well-known. In winter, Antholz is one of the finest cross country ski areas. 60 km groomed slopes are waiting for you! A MUST for every cross-country runner! In 2007 the World Championships of Biathlon took place in Antholz, a great spectacle! Enjoy the winter in South Tyrol on the healthiest way! At a distance of around 20-30 driving minutes from the Berghotel Zirm.

 Antholz Valley - 60 km of trails, from mild to difficult
 Gsies Valley - 40 km of trails, not too difficult
 Hochpustertal/Alta Pusteria - 200 km of exciting trails will satisfy your wishes