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Karnish high trail

Special tips:
This route in the Sexten valley is long but simple. The landscape here is magnificent. This trail requires endurance and mountaineering. The road is a repeated up and down road. The tour offers a magnificent view over the mountains of South and East Tyrol and in particular of the Dolomites of Sexten.

Drive: to Hotel Tirol
Road number: 20, 4, 403, 160, 146, 13, 139, 1
Lenght of the road: 26327 m
Difference in altitude 1034 m
Difference in descend 1667 m
hiking time: 7 h 40 m up and  8 h 20 m down
place: Innichen, Sexten valley and outside of South Tyrol
Type of the way: mountain road
Level of difficulty: difficult
Characteristc: grades