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Peitlerkofel Round

Topic of the route:
On the road tot he Peitlerkoflel we find differently designed terrain of great beauty. The flora is very wide. In the Peitlerkofel territory there are a lot of rare animals, for example Chamois and marmots. Meeting with various natural attractions and splendid moments are guaranteed

Course of the road: Würzjoch, Peitlerscharte, Gömajoch, Würzjoch

Drive: Würzjoch (2.006 m))
Road number: 8A, 4, 4B, 35, 8B, 8A
Lenght of the road: 12921 m
High difference 631 m
Difference in altitude 631 m
hiking time: 3 hours & 50 minutes
place: St. Martin in Thurn
Type of the way: mountain road
Level of difficulty: simple
Characteristc: grades