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Ski touring

For serious alpine athletes, who are looking for unspoiled nature and absolute tranquility at the summit, the ski-tours offside the ski-slopes are just the best thing.
Already in the 19th Century, some mountains or huts could be reached only by skiers. The former necessity has now developed into a passion, an intense experience for nature lover of our mountains.


Earlier than anyone else, before the lifts start and before the first skiers enter the slopes, once a week we make a ski tour up to the Kronplatz/Plan de Corones.
Our Partner Rent and go  rents us the right and under the guidance of the ski instructor Heinz go ski touring.
About 800 meters of altitude difference from the hotel to the top of Kronplatz – the pleasant anticipation of skiing on the white carpet already in your heart, and then the breakfast in the hotel, that will taste better than any time before!

Try it out - we are keen to hear your story!