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Special events in Olang

Some events at Olang and surroundings

14. „International Choir Festival Alta Pusteria“

25.06.-26.06.2011: Folk festival at Niederolang

July 2011: Alm Party at the Obereggeralm

13.07.2011/03.08.2011/24.08.2011: Street food festival

July 2011: Alm party at Lanzwiese

18.07.-19.07.2011: Winelife in the Parc & doughnut festival

31.07.-01.08.2011: Summer Festival of the “Volunteer Fire Department of Mitterolang”

13.08.-14.08.2011: Folk festival at Geiselsberg

15.08.2011: Culinary Treats in the Parc

20.08.-21.08.2011: Summer Festival in the park in Mitterolang

August 2011: Alm party at the Brunstalm

03.09.-04.09.2011: Folk festival at Mitterolang

01.10.-02.10.2011: Folk festival Oberolang

16.10.2011: Thanksgiving in Niederolang

26.10.-28.10.2011: Stegen market in Bruneck, the largest market in Tyrol