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A few useful and easy hints for your health for every day by our wellness trainer

Tired legs after a long and strong day that is what everybody knows. Take care before it happens and shower your legs every day with cold water. The blood fluency is activated and oxygen comes into the legs and you will feel better.
That’ s how it works: start at the small little toe at the right side (the point which is most far away from the heart) and go up with the cold water at the inside of the leg and back. The same thing on the other side. Pay attention: only with warm feeds!

With ice cubes against splinter Put an ice cube a few minutes on the sore and stun the point, so that the splinter can be taken out without any fear. Very good for children.

Hot and cold water against small bubbles on the lipsThe very disturbing and long lasting bubbles on the lips can disappear quickly if you put a pat once in ice cold water and than in hot water and than always on the lips.

So you will sleep well. Do some sports and if you like to drink a glass, take some red wine or a strong beer, as this drinks help to get sleepy. Eat a small dish because the digestiv process helps many people to get tired. Take a low warm shower and just stripe the water away, after that right away to bed.

Daily Mouth hygiene. Before brushing the teeth take a spoon of sesame oil in the mouth and suck it trough the tees in the back of the mouth for 5 minutes, than shower the mouth. A perfect addition to the traditional tees brushing.