supports for children’s charity - we take part!!

In the Berghotel Zirm we charge Euro 2,50 for a jug of spring water - a part of it supports a children’s charity:

For the year 2020 it has been donated to  "Angel Wanted"

In cooperation with the KFS (= catholic family association of South Tyrol), 6 Puster Valley people have brought to life the action "Angels wanted".
The intention is, to support needy, distressed or especially COVID-damaged families from the Puster Valley, by collecting money and to support this families with material donations ( for example kitchen appliances, Christmas gifts for children, shopping vouchers, etc.)
Important: All material donations are purchased from local companies!


For the year 2019 it has been donated to „Plan International“  which was founded in year 2003 for
young girls worldwide. It helps them with:
* the advancement of the equal rights
* the access to healthiness and culture
* the betterment of the life situation
* the protection for sexual harassment and violence

We hope, that only a small part of this girls can have a better future with the Zirm donation.



For the year 2018 it has been donated to Wings for Life:
Spinal cord research foundation for research projects to find a cure for spinal cord injury

It is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation. The mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury.
And by funding the best research projects around the globe, there’s no doubt that they will reach our goal one day.






In the year 2017 we decided to donate to Peter Pan, the association for kids with cancer in South Tyrol.
Since 1998 the principal object of Peter Pan, is to help those families, whose kids are suffering on cancer
an are in a difficult situation.
The association helps all this children in South Tyrol and supports them.




For the year 2016 it has been donated to the earthquake victims in Italy.
The epicentre was close to Accumoli, with its hypocentre at a depth of 4 ± 1 km, approximately 75 km (47 mi) southeast of Perugia and 45 km (28 mi) north of L'Aquila, in an area near the borders of the Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche regions.


For the year 2015 it has been donated to the organization “Medicus Comicus” – the clown doctors – they bring a smile to the sick children.
In 7 hospitals they organize weekly visitings, to make a little better the everyday life in the hospital and to jolly the kids and their parents.
Smiling children - it is like music in the ears...
We hope that with our supports we can conjure a happy smile in the face of a lot of children!!

In the year 2013 we decided to donate to the organization "Janz besondere Hilfe". We where very impressed about the help for sick children and their families in their bad times... with this help they can laugh again and they have more power and more hope.

In the year 2014
we donate to the project "Vergiss mein nicht "