Project Zirm 2020

From the Berghotel to the Grand Dame Zirm

With great courage and a pinch of madness, the Berghotel Zirm was embedded 40 years ago in the middle of the Geiselsberg nowhere, in a stunning Dolomite scenery by the senior Schraffl.

So what was the idea and the wish of the next Schraffl generation?
Mountain nature plays a major role in our family and that is exactly what the new Zirm should stand for. To fit in with the surroundings, to offer nature a stage, to let them in.

One year ago we approached the architectural office Mutschlechner & Bucci with determination and single-mindedness, not yet with a definite idea but primarily with a specific material request.
Bucci Marco: „ When they approached us, Evelin & Anni Schraffl had no concrete idea of the shape of the new hotel - but they did have an idea of the materials: they wanted wood and glass above all. The building should fit into its surroundings, bring in the mountains and nature, and create a smooth transition between
outside and inside. Evelin also wanted the surrounding mountain peaks to be reflected in the façade.

So what's new from 2020 on?

  • Extension in the restaurant
  • All rooms are now renovated and furnished with pinewood
  • The panorama rooms are extended with large terraces
  • New bathrooms throughout the house
  • Changing rooms & showers for pre-check-in & late-check-out
  • Enlargement of the ski room with modern locker technology for ski equipment
  • Not to forget the impressive glass façade, which now the Berghotel Zirm is once again dressing up. She skilfully stages the mountain nature. The shape of the roof with its intimated gables is reminiscent of the opposite Dolomite peaks and at the same time forms a frame, again in pine wood, around the house.


This is what our partners in construction say!

Helmut Plankensteiner - Studio "helplan"

For many years now, my "studio helplan" has been working on various projects for the Berghotel Zirm in the field of building and energy technology as well as fire protection technology. Sustainability and energy-efficient building has always been a priority for the Schraffl family, so we have taken up and implemented
the following topics:

  • Thermal refurbishment of the entire building envelope. Installation of external thermal insulation on the facade and roof structure, including the elimination of thermal bridges. Replacement of the transparent facade parts, i. e. replacement and enlargement of the window elements and installation of high-quality triple glazing.
  • Installation of a low-temperature heating system in the newly built room units, as well as hydraulic balancing of the existing heating and water circuits, including installation of an individual house automation system to control the systems.

It was a great challenge for our studio, and we wish you good luck for the future!


Vitralux - Facade construction

As soon as we received the rendering, we at VITRALUX were impressed by the modern hotel architecture with its innovative mirrored all-glass facade.
Together with the client and the architect, we attach particular importance to sustainable materials and energy efficiency of the façade, windows and doors. Aluminium can be excellently combined with wood and glass. Moreover, aluminum can be recycled almost endlessly, just like the polyamide separators used by VITRALUX.

Carpentry Mutschlechner Othmar

The new roof is definitely contemporary. A challenge is always the opening and closing of the keep building. The entire roof has not always been and is still not removed, in some places it is also, so to speak, carpentered over.

To our surprise, this time we actually got to a piece of the very first roof, that is to say the roof from 1980, so that you can understand what I mean by "carpentered over".
We wish the Schraffl family much success with this unique project!



The builders - girl power in the Zirm

Every morning curtain up for our mountains!

The new Zirm is a homage to our surrounding mountain ranges and to nature. We were raised like "Mountain kids" and therefore there is nothing more beautiful for us than the endless panoramic view, which we now bring into the house through the new Zirm. Through the glass façade, the mountains themselves are very close to us on the inside, while the beauties are reflected on the outside in our façade. The roof, as well as many other elements form the frame of the mirror house - this one, of course, made of pinewood! The wonderfully fragrant wood, which has such a positive effect on our health, is also the protagonist inside -
not pompous but light and modern.

So the pearl of our family turns into the Grand Dame of Kronplatz.
Evelyn & Anni


From the 11th. July is finally the time...

... we are very happy to open our new Grand Dame in Geiselsberg at the Kronplatz.
Enquire now and look forward to it -
WE will tailor the right offer for you
YOU will enjoy relaxing days in the new panorama hotel in South Tyrol.