Perhaps some of our guests have wondered why we charge €2.50 for a jug of tap water when the water here at our great heights comes fresh from the source and flows directly from the mountains. (We know, it feels like a dream world... but it’s the reality here!)
Or maybe no one has wondered at all. Well, anyway, we’re happy to tell you:

We could go on now about all kinds of costs and expenses, but that’s not the case, and that’s not us. On the contrary, we are so happy that nature provides us with this precious commodity – and that its quality is second to none! And because nature is so generous, we would like to share this good fortune with others – with people, young and old, who don’t have it as easy as we do right now.

This is why, every year, we gladly donate all of the proceeds from the sale of our water jugs to a very special cause – and indirectly, in collaboration with you, our dear guests.

A big thank you to beautiful nature, and to you, our beloved guests, for supporting us with the purchase of our water, and also to all the courageous fighters out there. Hang in there; we believe in you!