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The women at the mountain hotel in the Dolomites

Bad vibes? No chance!

You can find hiking boots alongside high heels and evening gowns hanging side by side dashing dirndls. Next to them, lederhosen – hers, of course.

As mountain girls, we are as multifaceted as the mountains. And because life and growing up at these steep heights wasn’t always easy, we learnt from an early age to put up with things and to grow from them. Nowadays, we know that you’d best not play with footballs up here (they’ll roll down the hill) and that you’d better think twice about whether you’ve really got everything you need before you leave the house. It wasn’t always easy; believe us, our sturdy calves might tell you a thing or two about it.

We have power. We know how to lend a hand when needed, and we also know how to wield a hammer.
And because we’re walking on the fine line of the cliché tightrope: Yes, we can even park in reverse – which, by the way, is often an advantage on the narrow mountain roads here in South Tyrol.

Self-reliance is the name of our game. But please don’t get us wrong, although we enjoy the responsibility of girl power, we have absolutely nothing against men. Without our dear men, we might not always be in such a good mood; after all, we have learnt a thing or two from them. 😊
Hostess Evelin
and her sister Anni
How grateful we are for everything – that we were able to grow up here, in the middle of the beautiful mountains. For the fresh air, the magnificent view. (And for every new football!)
For the sense of togetherness, as a family, as a team. Grateful for every little joke in between. By the way, Evelin’s laughter may well be heard throughout the entire hotel. You have been warned! But don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary! We have a lot of fun here. After all, a holiday at the Berghotel Zirm is far too beautiful for straight faces.

Yes, we are tremendously grateful. Especially for being able to share it all with you, our dear Zirm guests.

What else are we really proud of?

The mountains are in our blood.
And Swiss stone pine, too!
We can be a really crazy bunch every now and then. How lucky we are that our kids take after us!
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What a view:
mountains mountains mountains
zh-089-hotel-zirm-kott-6488-schnellbearbeitung Swiss stone pine at Zirm
Swiss stone pine at Zirm
hotel-zirm-restaurant-6122 Take a seat:
Zirm cuisine
Take a seat:
Zirm cuisine
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Relax & unwind
Simply disconnect:
Relax & unwind
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Great reasons
to celebrate
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Zirm guests
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