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A mountain hotel in the Dolomites of South Tyrol with a panoramic view

You can never get enough!

Open the curtains and clear the stage! Not in some old, dusty theatre but directly in your room. Actually, you can forget about opening the curtains because they usually stay open for most of our guests anyway. The production itself is fantastic; the set is incredible. The Best Holiday Ever is the name of the piece, written by Evelin and Anni, the two charming curators of the hotel.

And you, the guests, are the actors – brilliant in your roles, authentic, moving, captivating.
‘Just right. Efficacious. On point…” the reviews continue, ‘It’s a production to remember!’
Now, back to the play. No matter which row you sit in, the view of the moving scenery is magnificent, from every corner, every angle – the majestic Dolomites on one side, then the mountains, the valleys, forests, and meadows. The buzz of activity down in the village, the tranquillity that reigns up here. Nothing to obstruct the panorama, the expansive view to the horizon. ‘Marvellous!’ we might say, or simply Zirmtastic!

The behind-the-scenes look is also a treat:

A kitchen team with the perfect pinch of madness, attentive service staff with roller skates on their feet (or so you might think because your wishes are at the table in no time), an accommodating spa team and the fabulous reception staff with the right answer for (almost) everything... the entire team is well attuned down to the smallest detail. That’s something you’ll notice, through and through.

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Relax & unwind
Simply disconnect:
Relax & unwind
hotel-zirm-spass-emotion-angebote.jpg All in:
Our offers
All in:
Our offers
hotel-zirm-sommer-emotion-terrasse-kot-201107 What they’re saying:
Zirm reviews
What they’re saying:
Zirm reviews
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Girl power:
Zirm style
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Take a seat:
Zirm cuisine