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An active holiday in Pustertal

‘That was AWESOME!’

We hear this a lot, especially when our outdoor guides return from their tour with their group. Beaming faces, big grins, and plenty of pics on their smartphones. Pictures out in the snow, between white slopes and snow-covered trees, with mountain landscapes straight out of a winter blockbuster. Metre-long icicles on rustic Alpine huts, Kaiserschmarrn (torn pancakes), and apple strudel, in between big smiles and radiant faces.

Often, even our outdoor guides come back with even bigger smiles.
They love to be outdoors with our guests, to see them glowing, and to bring them back to us just as jubilant. They are certified mountain and hiking guides and are as familiar with wind and weather as they are with the right clothing and equipment and the necessary physical condition one needs for an excursion.
Are you ready? Let’s go!
We recommend packing waterproof, warm shoes, appropriate sportswear and possibly a dry change of clothes. Depending on the tour: toboggans or snowshoes are available to rent for a small fee on-site from us.

Excitement outside, excitement inside ...

... culinarily and culturally!

From the beautiful music of the zither (a traditional stringed instrument) to the equally exquisite dinner and the magnificent Zirm mega buffet evening with local and international delicacies. A bit(e) from here and a bit(e) from there.
For our dinners, everyone dresses up (women in any case), and Sebastian makes candles flicker wildly behind the piano, therefore a candlelight dinner. Our dessert buffet, meanwhile, is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth! Look forward to it, it’s going to be incredible!
mountains mountains mountains
But wait, there’s more!
Yes, you (also) have to check this out:
titoschwein Get out and explore:
Our outdoor guides
Get out and explore:
Our outdoor guides
hotel-zirm-zimmer-pustertal-kott-6271 Off to the room:
Off to the room:
hotel-zirm-spass-emotion-angebote.jpg All in:
Our offers
All in:
Our offers
hotel-zirm-027-emotion-bett-kids-kot Family skiing holidays:
Grab your skis –
big and small!
Family skiing holidays:
Grab your skis –
big and small!
hotel-zirm-winter-direkt-an-der-piste Ski-in, ski-out
Ski-in, ski-out
hotel-zirm-018-winter-emotion-spa-kot Simply disconnect:
Relax & unwind
Simply disconnect:
Relax & unwind