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Berghotel Zirm in the South Tyrolean Dolomites

Swiss stone pine everywhere

You will almost always encounter this healthy, local wood when you look around you during your stay at Zirm. In the lobby, in the bar and dining room and especially in the rooms. Wood lives with us from the beds and wardrobe to the desk, and we live with it.

We love Swiss stone pine. We love its delicate fragrance when you open the door to the room. We love its calming effect on the heart and mind. It has even been proven that a night in a Zirm room slows down breathing and lowers the heart rate by up to 3,500 beats. That’s an entire hour less of work for your heart and surely the best way to compensate for the heart-racing bliss of reaching the summits and the rush of the mountains during the day – or the exciting ski day on the incredible slopes right next door.
Curious to learn more? Here you go: Swiss stone pine has been proven to provide deep relaxation for the body and better overall well-being. It really gets the entire body going and even has a preventive effect on sleep disorders. In addition, it stabilises the circulation and reduces sensitivity to the weather. It is even said to protect against earth radiation, to have a positive effect on colds and sinusitis and to have a blood-cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect.

In a nutshell: The Swiss stone pine is partly responsible for the many happy faces here at the Berghotel Zirm. By the way, “Zirm” is South Tyrolean for Swiss stone pine – but you’ve probably already figured that out, right?

Yes, we love Swiss stone pine. So much so that you can find it not only inside our rooms and the like but even on the outside, in our façade, we simply couldn’t resist. It’s admittedly unordinary in these parts, but who wants to be ordinary?

Sometimes it comes along as a creative ingredient in one of our cool mountain dishes, other times as an aromatic oil during a relaxing massage, and every now and then, it’s a welcome addition to a schnapps at the bar.

Swiss stone pine as far as the eye can see. Inside and out. And of course, also when you look further in the direction of the forest. Because up here at 1,400m, where the Berghotel Zirm has planted its roots, Swiss stone pines also grow. They feel at home here, and so do we.
And you?
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