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The best summit tours in the South Tyrolean Dolomites

Feel your excitement grow with every step…

The excitement of reaching the summit. That moment when you greet the world from above. The winning smile you get when you’re at the top when your gaze wanders as it gets lost on the horizon. Surrounding you are bare mountains so majestically proud and graceful that you feel small and yet big at the same time. You have made it. The adrenaline that rushes into your blood makes your heart beat two or three times faster. Sheer bliss, just like that, but be warned, it can be addictive!


Let’s take it slow. Back to the beginning, to the excitement

We understand that for some people, it starts the day before. But certainly on the day itself, during a leisurely breakfast, a good hour before we set off. We start at 9:00 a.m. every day. People meet in the lobby, chat briefly, exchange thoughts. We check our shoes, rucksacks, and our groups, and then we set off for about half an hour, depending on the tour. Motivation is everything, our guides know that too, and after a few words of encouragement, off we go – step by step. There are always unique panoramic views and, of course, some interesting information shared by our guides, whether it’s about flora and fauna or the right way to hike and achieve ultimate happiness at the summit.

At lunchtime, we usually stop at an Alpine hut – a tour like this is bound to make you hungry – and to avoid having to wait, the guides have already made a reservation. And if there is no Alpine hut within reach, we have our lovely packed lunches with us for a nice picnic outdoors. The marmots might look at you, but don’t worry, they’re just jealous!

We usually return between 4 and 5 p.m. This is the perfect time for an ice-cold beer during an ‘after-tour review’ on our Zirm panorama terrace. Or, if you like, you can dive into the cool water in our pools or sweat again – but this time in a different way – in our sauna area. You can be really proud of yourself (and your legs) for making it to the top.
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And if we rewind a little further, we end up on Monday, at the meeting with our outdoor guides. The guides explain exactly what a summit tour is, what to expect, what type of clothing you need, what footwear, and what fitness level you need. Sometimes guests decide to cancel or switch to one of our more leisurely Alpine hikes.

The mountain calls!

But which one was it again?

Mountains in our blood

Tour tips straight from the horse’s mouth

Most of the Zirm staff are die-hard mountain fans who spend every free minute outdoors heading to beautiful Alpine pastures or summit crosses. So, it happens from time to time that they casually chat about their tours and excursions. The best thing to do is let them ramble on and listen carefully because these tips are not on any hiking map you’ll find in the tourist office!
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