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A hotel with mountain guides in South Tyrol, in the Dolomites

Hit the mountains on holiday!

Of course, a holidaymaker in South Tyrol wants to experience the breathtaking mountain scenery and the Dolomites. After all, who wants to just make themselves comfortable in a chicly designed Swiss stone pine room, read, take a snooze, switch between pools, the sauna, and relaxation loungers, and look forward to the culinary delights in our restaurant?

Actually, we know quite a few!
But for those who are now saying, ‘Boring!’, you can scroll down.

And to the rest of you:
Off to the room! 
Or to the wellness area? 
Get your heart rate up, your endorphins
flowing, and enjoy the summit with us!
Outdoor emotions

up and down
the mountains and the valleys

Now, back to the mountain scenery and the ultimate outdoor experience: hiking and mountaineering in South Tyrol.
We have true experts for this. Katia, Manuel and Marcel, all three certified mountain and hiking guides, all three addicted to mountains from an early age, with no chance getting ‘sober’. They have tried many times, mind you, but always relapsed. Understandably so, it’s the same for us. We love the mountains!

The three mountain and hiking guides, Katia, Manuel and Marcel, know our mountain region like no others; they know the most beautiful tours up and down the mountains and the valleys. From the leisurely spring hike to the summer sunrise tour, from the autumnal summit experience to the winter snowscape dream.
From the relaxed hike for those taking it easy to the endurance trail, it’s all here. Including the best views off the beaten tourist track, that’s for sure!

After all, crowding behind convoys of tourist groups isn’t really their thing. They start to itch – it must be their mountain addiction acting up again. But that’s understandable; we feel the same way.

Would you like to go on a virtual tour
with our three outdoor guides?

mountains mountains mountains
Kronplatz Resort
Shared happiness at the peak is the peak of happiness -
the outdoor program no.1 in South Tyrol with our Partner Hotel
You might have already noticed how an epic hike has the power to captivate, connect, and bring people together.
It’s the same with the “mountain people”, too. Everyone up in the little community of Geiselsberg really does know everyone, and the connections start from a very young age.
How it all started...

The story
of Kronplatz Resort

Many years ago, little Evelin from Zirm went to school with little Oskar from the neighbouring Hotel Kristall. Even if you lose track of each other for a while, you’ll surely run into one another again a few years later when your children are about the same age. There aren’t that many paths up here, anyway. The road ends at Zirm – if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to rave so proudly about having the best view ever!

Back to the now grown-up Evelin and grown-up Oskar: They met again and exchanged ideas. They talked about what they had in common, their strengths and what they would like to offer their guests. And then, one beautiful, sunny morning, a decision was made to form the Kronplatz Resort together.

This is where everything related to the mountains comes together. We continue to exchange ideas, experiment, and create new things, and together we make the previously impossible possible. For example, we have a unique outdoor programme, which is personalised and varied, where everyone finds what they are looking for, whether you are fit as a fiddle or a beginner. We offer an outdoor programme torn straight from the pages of a picture book. “The best in the Dolomites!”… or so we’ve been told. If you’re wondering if that’s true, well, see for yourself!
mountains mountains mountains
But wait, there’s more!
Good vibes as far as the eye can see. Click to browse:
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Our active programme
Lots going on:
Our active programme
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Off to the room:
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All in:
Our offers
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Zirm cuisine
Take a seat:
Zirm cuisine
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Simply disconnect:
Relax & unwind
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Holiday all year round