MustDo! - HotSpot! - BucketList!

These are the three crash words for the holiday, who doesn't know them?

With Fritz, Franz, Ferdinand, Mona, Maike & Melanie, marching in rows of two, as it were, like back in the nursery school, to these very special PhotoPoints.
Taking photos, clenching their fists and giving a loud "yessssss"!

BUT: are you really happy with this snapshot
as almost everyone keeps it in their camera box anyway?
Ok, it might be your holiday goal, but not the secret formula, which is included in the South Tyrol quality.
South Tyrol stands for something completely different:
  1. peace
  2. pleasure
  3. variety
  4. relaxation
  5. nature
And because not only we, but also our outdoor guides, are very much aware of this and stick to it, you won't find the Three Peaks, the Braies Lake, the Geisler Peaks or the Cinque Torri as destinations on our varied weekly programme.
No! That's where the sat nav will take you!

We love the tours off the hamster wheels, far away from the long octopus arms that greedily and tirelessly reach for the South Tyrolean HotSpots.

Our secret to success are hikes with a view OF the Three Peaks, mountain tours with a bird's eye view OF the Braies Lake, once left, once right and then diagonally across country to the most rustic alpine huts on the secret Zirm cheat sheets, and, and, and, we could go on forever.

And because we know that you will return relaxed with a bag full of South Tyrolean mountain & nature emotions, we can say with easy-cheese certainty: "We will be a DreamTeam!"

Book your treasure of relax now, the rest will be taken care of by a ZIRMtastic team!