The Kronplatz Eldorado, why is it so ingenious?

Because it makes your legs tingle when more than 30 ultra-modern gondola lifts and chairlifts with their 119 km of perfectly groomed ski slopes lie at your feet.

Because then, exactly then, the skier's WOW flares up, bored nose-picking was yesterday, the ultimate skier's passion !!poof!! explodes from the starting blocks.

The Plan de Corones has shaped itself, developed continuously over the years and now proudly presents itself as the most attractive skiing area in South Tyrol. The best of all: everything right in front of the Zirm.
Included are many blockbusters for ski maniacs and those who would prefer to fall asleep with the skis on their legs, namely:

* Mercedes AMG Photo Points - smile once, please!
Go to the start at the AMG Photo Points and get flashed by the radar. Don't worry: you won't get a ticket, because the photo is free of charge.

* Snowpark & Family Line
Ohhh yeahhh, it's MY LINE!!! Next to each other are the snowpark lines for real freaks and eager beginners, the location is therefore perfect for starters who want to get one or the other tip & trick from the pro, the paradise for freaks anyway: dream already of Easy Line, new Medium Rail Line and Medium Kickerline!

* Mercedes AMG Skimovie
Feel like a ski pro! Or would you rather feel like a catwalk model? It doesn't matter, with the Mercedes AMG Skimovie it's possible to do both. You'll ski an impressive downhill run, and AMG Mercedes will provide the timing and the movie via download. In other words: feel like world class for once!

* Kids Safety Park
Two birds with one stone! Learn the most important rules of conduct of the international winter sports association in combination with a lot of fun. Incredibly important and a basic prerequisite for safe skiing. On the slalom course, in the numerous steep curves and tunnels, you will learn skiing safety that no one can take away from you. You'll be whizzing through the knight's castle and the roaring dragon by the time you reach the bottom: from now on you can proudly shake safety from your sleeves!

* Mercedes AMG Speed Check
Time for NonPlusUltra! The result? Your personal photo in professional downhill position including individual time. Not to forget: the dynamic memory!

* World Record Slope
World record at Kronplatz! That was the morning press release in 2011! 16 athletes covered 1 million metres of altitude in 24 hours. While the skiing heroes were racing up and down like crazy day and night, your challenge is to cover the same slope 5 times in one day and become part of this world record! Push your limit!

* Mercedes AMG Kronplatz Cross
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 who's the best? Feel like unbeatable gladiators! On the new Kronplatz Boardercross course 4 participants compete at the same time. Afterwards you can analyse the bizarre run in the gondola lift, which will be shown on film, before you plunge into the next Kronplatz ski adventure. Let's go!

* Black 5 Challenge
At Kronplatz you're not looking for the Big Five, but the Black Five! It's not for the faint-hearted, because if you whistle your way down the steep and long descents one after the other, you'll know just how many muscles your body has.
A must for every ski pro, because Plan de Corones is one of the few ski areas in the Alps that has 5 black slopes, and the steep babies are called:
Sylvester, Herrnegg, Pre da Peres, Erta and Piculin.

But now awake & dreamed away, time to experience! Skiing holidays at the Kronplatz, and even more so at the Zirm, what else? :-)