Sometimes we hear it, sometimes we even say it ourselves, Pragser Wildsee? No thanks!

After this one photo, which everyone knows by now, has become a globetrotter,
among other things as an advertising image for the latest Apple devices, one browses through graphic programmes, this very photo pops up, can be found in various apps for social media, and so on and so forth.
No wonder that the small, actually idyllic lake has become world-famous, right?

Hordes of people commute to the valley day after day for this one photo or the hopefully romantic boat trip. But the picture is not the same all year round.
Do you know when we visit the Pragser Wildsee? Because honestly, it's already beautiful!

In winter, when it is covered in deep snow, the heart of nature beats loudly and audibly, this very special lake atmosphere is stored in the ears and eyes, a unique feeling, a special moment!

After the hike around the lake, thickly wrapped with gloves and hat, vantage points offer us, one more beautiful than the other. Trudging through the deep snow, across the frozen lake, a feeling of, yes, I would call it world domination.

And then it comes, THE PlusPointMoment,
at the ever-popular, I show my friends the best holiday photos, probably three out of five have the same photo to offer, but with a small, subtle difference in detail: you present it in white, because by now everyone can do the summer version :-).

Here are a few practical tips on how to get there and where to park, even though even a blind chicken would find the Pragser Wildsee, no joke!

Starting from the Zirm,
head to the main road directly after Olang, where you turn right onto the Pustertal state road SS 49.
Stay on this through main road until you reach the crossroads with the entrance to the Braies Valley. Once you have turned into the valley, you can't go wrong, because the lake is signposted like Fifth Avenue in New York ;-).

Parking is directly at the lake,
in winter, usually not feasible in summer, not without fees, but these are soon forgotten in the heart of a Unesco World Heritage Site.
For your backpack, I recommend a warm cup of tea. I personally love nothing more than to sit down in a quiet place, enjoy the peace, the panorama and nature, and best of all with a warm cup of tea.

Smiling contentedly? You certainly can after this excursion!