Who hasn't heard of it, read about it or perhaps experienced it live,
the Braies Wild Lake, situated at the end of the Braies Valley in the Puster Valley
, surrounded by majestic peaks of the Dolomites.

Years ago, it was still idyllic and quiet 365 days a year, but now it is one of the most visited hotspots in South Tyrol, surely thanks to the fact that it has been crowned one of the BigPics of various influencers, then repeatedly serves as the advertising launch image of the new Apple generation and is also listed in all travel guides around the world as a top destination for excursions.

So when can you enjoy this idyll that the lake actually has to offer? Or does it still exist at all?

Of course, in tourist-free off-season periods!
Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense to visit during exactly these months, because the holiday home Berghotel Zirm allows itself short breaks and keeps the doors closed ;-).
For the top lake experience with a wow effect, the only option is to visit the lake outside the typical visitor rush hour.

If we weren't the Zirm, we wouldn't have the perfect solution :-).
It is called Wednesday-Long-Wellness-Night and is the absolute new summer highlight.

It is best to visit the Braies Lake Pearl only after all visitors have left towards home again, enjoy the evening atmosphere, the sunset and the tranquillity in the middle of glorious nature.

True to the motto "TakeYourTime",
you have all the time in the world, because our new swimming pool & spa area is open until 10 pm on this day.
You can simply enjoy the day even longer, we think it's fabulous!

Back to the lake!
Not everyone believes us when we say that it's better not to visit the lake during the day, that you circle the lake in groups of two, like a flock of ducks, or that you can stand in a traffic jam for up to 2 hours to enter the valley, but that's exactly how it is on perfect summer days and that's exactly how flashed our guests come back and confirm to us:
"We should have believed you."

Talking about the valley entrance!
In the meantime, the valley is even closed to traffic from mid-July to mid-September, all to protect the environment and nature. In other words, from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. it is only possible to reach the lake by public transport; cars only have right of passage with special permission during this period.

But apart from the few problems mentioned above, the trip is well worth it.

The walk around the lake can be classified as an easy hike, with a few stairs every now and then, but absolutely not exhausting.
If you want to enjoy the beautiful viewpoints that always stand out, you can expect to spend about 2 hours walking around the lake.

As soon as you have the BigPic in the can, come back to us, to the Berghotel Zirm, at 1,400m, quiet and idyllic at all times and with a mega view anyway, see you soon at the Zirm!