Local mountain - retreat - local relaxation spot - 360° paradise

That's it, the Piz da Peres, not far from the Berghotel Zirm, also visible from our panoramic sun terrace.

It is famous for
its summit tour, extremely popular for unique sunrise tours, and on the top of the list of favourite routes for two-legged mountain goats for a quick midday run or a relaxing after-work workout.
And now? Now our local mountain, Piz da Peres, has crowned itself with a whipped cream topping including a sweet strawberry.
Since the summer of 2022, Piz da Peres has been proudly flashing with
a climbing route right in the heart of the Fanes Sennes Braies area.

Those looking for spectacular wall passages or in search of professional walls will not quite get their money's worth, but those who want to enjoy a classic iron route with a modern design and incomparable Dolomite panoramas have found heaven on earth here.

From the Sella Group to the Marmolada and the Tofana. From the summit, a unique 360° panoramic view all the way to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.
What can I say, you don't get rewarded with this view every day.

It is clear that fitness, strength and experience are essential for any climbing route, but I do find one more valuable piece of information:
On not so hot days, be sure to bring something with long sleeves, as the route is on the north side and is constantly exposed to the wind.

And a few more useful key data:
Difficulty: C/D
Protection: very good
Ascent time: approx. 1 h & 15 min.
Ascent height: 230 HM
Total altitude: 800 HM
Climbing time: approx. 2 hrs.
Descent time: approx. 1 h & 45 min.
Markings: very well signposted & marked
Equipment: complete climbing set & helmet

And as the South Tyrolean mountain legend par excellence, Reinhold Messner, has already said:
"The Dolomites are the most beautiful structures in the world."