Kronplatz-Resort Infinity Tour - definitely not for hikers with soft muscles!

Never-before-seen mountain experiences provide mental cinema, super-photographs and an incorrigible feeling of freedom.

Our outdoor guides have several aces up their sleeve, one of which I will reveal to you, others you can experience live, together with Katia, Manuel and Tito!

From the 'Kreidesee' to the 'Grünwaldjoch' to Lake Braies:
On this very special tour,
a small, rather hidden and as yet undiscovered landscape gem awaits you between the two tourist destinations of San Vigilio and Lake Braies.

First, you are greeted by the steep, canyon-like 'Ciastlins' valley to the 'Grünwaldjoch', and then descend through the picturesque 'Lärchental' valley to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites.

Eagles, chamois, vipers and deer: we do not have a visit to the Alpine zoo planned, but we can observe these impressive animals in the wild on the 'Gründwaldjoch' tour.

The 'Ciastlins Valley', similar to a canyon and adorned at the beginning with graceful waterfalls, is indeed an Eldorado for wild animals and predators, small and large, hairy, scaly or winged.

However! Let's not be fooled by the wild romance.
The route is long, challenging and enduring.

In order to experience this infinity tour, remember the taxi service you need.
If you participate in the Infinity tours with our outdoor guides, we will be your personal taxi service :-).

Important key points of the Infinity summarised for you:
Starting point: Kreidesee (approx. 1300 m)
Altitude difference: approx. 1000m ascent - 800m descent
Route: approx. 14 km
Duration: approx. 6 hours
Requirements: varied mountain tour, good physical condition, in alpine and technically demanding sections of trails and forest roads, no fear of heights and sure-footedness
Equipment: sturdy hiking boots with good grip, food and drink, a change of underwear, sun protection, rain protection
Refreshment stop: Grünwald mountain hut