As soon as Zirm's Chef is in a chatty mood, we always quickly pull out our cheat sheets and save the step-by-step instructions of his very personal favourite dishes.

Recently, it happened again: we got hold of one of his delicious and noble recipes for hot summer days.

My eyes started to roll as the cheat sheet reached novel length, but chef comments are always short and crisp: 

"you'll get it right"
, they said!
"it's going to taste great, in fact, it's going to taste incredible", they are convinced!
"oh my god", I thought to myself!

Alpceviche à la Zirm - char on peach salad with peach vinaigrette, thyme oil & homemade oats chip:
* fillet the char, approx. 80 g per person.
* marinate it with lemon juice & Fleur de Sell, marinade for approx. 5 minutes, then rinse in cold water
* now it's time for the sashimi cut, which means slices of 3-4 mm diagonally from the fillet.

Continue with the peach vinaigrette, mixing the following:
* 200 g peach pulp
* 160 g raspberry vinegar
* 200 g simple syrup
* 200 g apricot oil
* 80 g thyme oil (don't go crazy, even in the Zirm kitchen sometimes bought oil is used ;-)
* 80 g pear vinegar
* 100 g fresh celery juice
* salt & white pepper

For the eye-catcher on top, the oat chip:
* Cook oats in lightly salted water until soft (bring time, it takes about 1 hour).
* then mix
* spread onto silicone mats in the desired size and leave to dry
* fry at 210°C

For experts, make your own thyme oil:
* 1 bundle of thyme (plucked)
* 1 hand of spinach
* 1 l grape seed oil
* the whole is mixed until it smokes and then strained in a stocking and stirred cold on ice

As a base for the fine fish, the peach salad:
* slice 1 white peach, preferably vineyard peach.
* 2 red radishes, again sliced
* half a red chilli (the emphasis is on "half", so you don't become a fire dragon :-)
* 12 g red onion, julienne
* 3 mint leaves
* chervil
* peach vinaigrette

And now, depending on your preference, some decoration:
* Mint leaves
* chervil leaves
* sliced radishes, left in cold water until shortly beforehand
* roasted onion

Honestly, it's best to apply for a whole week's holiday and get to work.
Joking aside, our Chef is convinced you can do it and don't forget, the first picture of the final plate goes to the Zirm!

Have fun and enjoy it!