A credo to discard:
Biscuits only taste good at Christmas, what a load of rubbish!!!

Biscuits ALWAYS taste good!
In December, in January, in February, in the morning, in the evening & even at night!

And if you don't believe it now, try the delicious & simple biscuit recipe from our family's offspring pastry girl, then you're sure to be crumbling 24/7 too.

Maila's recipe for delicious ALMOND BREZEL:

60 g egg white
180 g icing sugar
200 g ground almonds
lemon zest
vanilla powder
bitter almond oil
Flaked almonds, if desired

Baking conditions:
20 min. baking time - draught open - no steam

  1. Heat the egg whites & salt as well as 80g of the icing sugar together (max. 80 degrees) and then whisk.
  2. Carefully fold the remaining ingredients into the beaten egg whites and pour everything into a piping bag.
  3. Pipe the mixture into the shape of a Brezel (similar to a heart shape), cover with flaked almonds if desired and bake.
And as our young pastry girl likes to say:
"Of course you can get upset about a lot of things, but you can also just snack on almond biscuits!"