On hot days our bodies are aching for liquid, lots of liquid, obviously healthy liquid :-).
Besides water, your body screams also for something delicious, for something with a refreshing kick and finest gusto.

And then here it comes, again, one’s weaker self and you are caving in. The result: turn up the water tap – zap – done.
A delicious and refreshing drink? Maybe tomorrow!!

You know what I mean? Davide, our barista, knows it exactly and already has some blazingly fast magic drinks in petto.

1) Ginger-Mint-Drink – let’s go:
Wash 2 stems of mint and put the leaves in a glass. Grate a thumb-sized piece of ginger and add it to the mint leaves. Add orange or raspberry syrup, fill the glass with water and ice cubes and voilà, freshness guaranteed!

2) Strawberry lemonade – at its finest:
Squeeze 1½ lemons, wash 10-12 strawberries, cut them open and put everything in a glass. Fill the glass with mineral water and ice cubes.
Your sugar-free summer lemonade is ready.

3) Mint-IceTea – prepare now, enjoy later:
Wash 2 stems of mint and put the leaves in a carafe. Squeeze a lemon and an orange and add them to the mint leaves. For the finest background nuance, add a cinnamon stick. Pour boiling hot water over it and let it steep and cool for two hours. Strain the ice tea and enjoy your summer creation with ice cubes in a chilled glass.

Ciao dear heat wave, you don't make me sweat anymore!