Big, small, crunchy, juicy, sour, mealy, green, red, yellow, there are so many varieties and when you put them in the oven, you get
the much-loved apple strudel!

But it's not quite as simple and quick as that, you can't get around a good recipe, you do need some ingredients and a little time to prepare it.

A part of the Zirm junior generation, our Generation 3.0, so-called, has happily taken the path in the direction of hotel & tourism, among other things also in the direction of the sweet kitchen area.

So we had various recipes presented to us and voilà, here is one of the delicious Zirm apple strudel recipes!

We need a strudel shortcrust recipe, a recipe for apple strudel filling & tips as well as tricks how to fold a professional apple strudel, sounds actually quite simple and it is, if you know how ;-)

1) Strudel shortcrust pastry:

100g butter
120g sugar
40 g eggs
5 g cream
1,5 g baking powder
200 g flour


1. lightly knead butter with sugar
2. Add the eggs little by little
3. Add the cream and mix well
4. add flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla and lemon and knead into a dough
5. shape the dough into a brick and store in the refrigerator

Baking conditions:

210 degrees
45 minutes
Draught closed
No steaming

2) Apple Strudel Filling:

500g apples
40g sugar
25g sultanas
10g rum
10g lemon juice
Clove powder


1. peel, core and chop the apples.
2. add the remaining ingredients and mix well
3. use the apple filling immediately or store in the fridge.

3) Apple Strudel Completion:

Strudel short pastry
Apple filling
Egg wash
Icing sugar


1. roll out the strudel dough 40x25/30 cm and put it in a cool place.
2. Place the apple filling on the strudel and fold one side of the dough into the middle.
3. Spread the folded side with ice cream spread and fold the other half over the top, all the way to the centre.
4. lightly flatten the strudel and brush the whole strudel with ice cream spread and place in the oven.
5. leave the strudel to cool and dust with icing sugar and serve.

Baking conditions:

210 deg.
45 minutes
Draught closed
No steaming

Hmmmm, doable? Certainly!
And then just come back to Zirm soon, because here you can enjoy the ever-popular South Tyrolean apple strudel to the full, without the tedious baking :-)