Stress on holiday ... WHAAAAAT are you tal-tal-talking about?

Who is familiar with it:
Breakfast - afternoon snack - dinner,
In between, quickly use the (intended) relaxing spa landscape, oh yes, don't forget to hike, hike, hike & explore the surroundings as much as possible, you should also do that!

Boomerang syndrome!
OH NO! We are on holiday!

Back & forth, up & down, in & out!
OK, it's true! During the drive home, the suitcase is bursting at the seams, every minute of the holiday has been meticulously used, BUT, there is more tension than relaxation.

You know what?
But THAT, has to stay between us!

We Schraffl's felt the same way,
but since we no longer plan MUCH for our holiday time, but celebrate the festivities as they fall, so to speak, there are supposed to be hotels of which we don't even know what the spa landscape looks like ... never mind, we'll go there again 😉.

But we can tell you, these embedded head holiday memories of SPONTANEOUS occurrences don't require much pre-planning, they belong one hundred percent in the unique & fantastic box.
Just according to the motto:
Holiday time, I celebrate it as it falls.

Here at the Zirm, too, we don't plan our holidays too much in advance,
because you are free to book, for example, "only" rooms with breakfast, which gives you even more freedom on your holiday.
Whether you drop by for a snack in the afternoon is up to you, but in any case, this offer is included in the price.
And in the evening, you can choose from a few insider tips, which we will of course gladly reveal to you, as we have already tested them ourselves ;-):

How about, for example: 
  • a princess table in a fine restaurant
  • funny encounters with local people
  • enjoying an Italian round freisbee called pizza
  • and if you want to enjoy one or two evenings in the Zirm restaurant, no problem, we will spoil you exquisitely. 
You know what?
Since we've taken off our personal holiday performance duty, the time off we have, although actually short, feels a whole lot longer.
Would that be something for you too?