Who doesn't know him, the South Tyrolean mountain pioneer, the village man, the Yeti explorer, exactly! Reinhold Messner!

Probably the best mountaineer in the world, the first person to reach the highest peak in the world, the first person to climb all summits of 8,000 metres, the first person to reach them without oxygen, the first, the first, the first!
As you can see, Messner never liked to take a back seat, and by the way, he was the first but also the only person to see Yeti ;-).

You could call him a South Tyrolean icon, not least for his six unique museums in South Tyrol. One more extravagant than the other, all very special in their own way. Whether in castles or palaces, built into the mountain or at the foot of South Tyrol's highest mountain, the Ortler, they are all worth seeing.

In 2015, one of his museums around the supreme discipline of mountaineering, called Corones, was built at the summit of our local mountain, the Kronplatz.
Messner was able to win over no less an architectural firm than that of the world-famous lady Zaha Hadid for the realisation.

The museum scores
with its unique viewing platforms, the likes of which will never be seen again. You can see from the Austria Dolomites in the east to the Ortler in the west, from the Marmolada in the south to the Zillertal Alps in the north. At the same time, the mountain lies at the intersection of South Tyrol's three cultures - German, Ladin and Italian, making it unique also in terms of culture.

Enter the Museum of the Great Walls and immerse yourself in the collections, pictures and objects that Reinhold Messner collected during his decades-long journey around the world, as a border crosser, as a pioneer of world-famous mountain history.

Alpine history is being written here, in all four directions.

The museum is always open when the cable cars are open.
You can reach the museum from three sides, once in the immediate vicinity of the Berghotel Zirm, with the Olang I&II cable car, or starting from the Furkelpass with the Ruis cable car and as the third in the group from Reischach with the Kronplatz 2000 cable car.

BergHeil (South Tyrolean summit greeting) from 2,275m!