POWER! Sounds exhausting, but it doesn't have to be!

Katia, part of our outdoor trio, was probably born with this attitude to life, she is active, you can almost say by day and by night, a bundle of energy, an outdoorwoman, a real South Tyrolean nature girl.

"No time for sport, there's no such thing!", she says with great conviction
and can soon overflow us with tips.

You can feel the fire burning inside her when she talks about sport, and yet she always has her usual and beloved inner peace by her side, this combination: enviable.

So: procrastination was yesterday, with so much fire in the stories, it catches everyone. Powerful charisma, boooomm, the feeling of power begins to glow.
We would love to start right away, but STOP, don't rush, everything at YOUR time! Now let's dive into Katia's tips with guaranteed success, let the secret formulas work their magic on us and then we'll take off in the direction of unprecedented summer energy, we assure you it will be ZIRMtastic!

Katia knows: "Enjoy the small successes. They make your YOU great."
  1. doing good for the body!
    A human body consists of about 50 to 65 percent water. Pamper your body, but do it right! Ideally with 2-3 litres of fluid daily. Due to a lack of fluids (not drinking enough or daily water consumption through sweating), our body cannot function, especially during sporting activities.

  2. it's a must!
    If you want to make progress, you should plan three to four training sessions per week.
    Trekking tours usually take up a lot of time and for many are only possible on weekends. Therefore, resort to cool endurance sports that improve basic endurance. Walking, cycling, jogging can be varied alternatives.

  3. prefer to run?
    Top choice! Because sometimes you need to run to calm down.
    Start slowly and enjoy every run! Try to run a little further each time you train and keep alternating between walking and running, because variety sweetens your life and your desire to exercise.

  4. important:
    Rest (breaks) are just as important as the training session. Your body needs enough sleep and a good, healthy food with lots of vitamins and minerals to be able to regenerate.

  5. don't forget!
    Listen to your body! Be aware of your limits! This way they will increase by themselves.

  6. be the best YOU can be!
    It is very important to set goals that are achievable and give you a positive body feeling. Increase the intensity slowly, because it is important that you stay injury-free.

  7. you know what?
    You can always integrate a short workout into your everyday life, very uncomplicated and yet promising.
    For example, leave your car at home and walk part of the way to work every day. This works small, unnoticed miracles and promises an unexpected training success.
    And on top of that: the environment is happy together with you!

  8. and now let's be honest!
    Your car always needs new tyres and your feet always need new shoes.
    The equipment has to fit!
    Go to a sports shop for advice and treat yourself to the perfect equipment for your sport - you and your body deserve it.

  9. it's raining? HipHipHurra!
    Bad weather is no excuse!
    Consciously plan endurance training days even on a bad weather day, it will toughen you up!
    Imagine: you come home soaking wet from running, pull the cold clothes over your body, it shakes you, stand in the hot shower, close your eyes and everything falls off you. Gosh! What a feeling!
    That's how running stories become love stories, that inspiring moment when you put on your favourite pyjama outfit, make yourself a warm cup of tea and nestle in your favourite home corner.

  10. spring, summer, autumn & winter!
    You can even go hiking all year round.
    Plan your first hikes to be deliberately shorter so that you can slowly get used to the strain. During the hike, take short breaks to drink, and at the same time you can loosen up your muscles and joints (stretching exercises).
And as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already said:
"Only where you have been on foot have you really been".