Early in the morning, 7.00 a.m. in Geiselsberg, curtain up!

Curtain back down?

Raindrops roll off the panorama glasses, crawl along the windows in slow motion, and that's exactly the moment to pull the covers all the way up to your nose again.
Pure relaxation
if you take the time to follow the raindrops with your eyes from top to bottom, some slower, some faster.

Later, when the cappuccino scent drifts from the restaurant to your room, past your noses, it draws you to the breakfast table, the muscles in your legs begin to get restless and twitch anyway, they demand another active day of holiday, no matter if it's raining!

We have the perfect tip for you,
it's called a bouldering hall for climbing lovers.

Ten minutes' walk from the railway station in Bruneck, a climbing paradise was born some time ago: "HELIKS" is its name.
Brand new, modern and mega inviting on 2,500 m², climbing and bouldering fun without end!

And that's how you get your money's worth:
Simply buy your bouldering ticket at the entrance and enter the climbing fun.
At best, you can get tips and tricks from the pros in the coffee house beforehand,
while at the same time your gaze wanders to the bouldering hall. Climbing tactics are often already unravelled here before you actively reach high up yourself.

Free WiFi is provided,
but who needs WiFi in this adventure paradise?

Equipment is available on the spot!
From climbing shoes to climbing harnesses, carabiners and ropes, everything is available at the HELIKS rental in different variations.

Now get changed in the large changing rooms, pack your personal belongings in the locker and let's go!
Once in the hall,
you can go climbing or bouldering as you please, both are available for 3½ hours or all day, depending on your choice of ticket.

The bouldering hall is perfect
for those who don't dare to climb to dizzying heights or if no safety partner was to be found at the time. Here you can put your climbing rope and harness to one side and boulder up to 4.5 m of height.
With 120 different routes,
from easy to unbelievably difficult, the day's programme is all about working up a sweat.
The cool thing is
that bouldering sometimes challenges us to solve puzzles, because it can quickly become tricky and it takes persistence and patience to reach the desired bouldering goal. Feelings of happiness hang in the wall when you finally get the tricky twist.

In the climbing hall, it is recommended
to rock the walls in a team, but there are also one or two challenging routes for experienced solo climbers.
Here, the safety systems also speak for themselves. They are fully automated and react to sudden movements within seconds.
220 routes are waiting to be mastered,
from easy to very tricky, from 2 to 8b+ to be exact.
There are routes that are already pre-climbed and you can follow the hanging rope, if you like it more challenging, the best thing is to climb the "rope-less walls", thrills guaranteed 😉.

Are you a winner and love to score points?
Then a challenge is definitely recommended!
Speed climbing, zig-zag-zag, reached the top, buzz, who won?
The winner chooses the next route.

Last but not least, fresh air climbers also get their money's worth.
The covered outdoor climbing area will make even the last climber's heart beat faster, oh yeahhhh!
Still unsure or haven't tried it yet?
Then sign up for one of the various offered courses, tips & tricks for the curious are included in the course programme, the pro knows how to become a climbing freak.

Bad weather boredom?
Not at "Heliks" and lots of relaxation afterwards at the Zirm anyway!